The Purpose of Marketing

It’s important to know the purpose of any activity. Once you have a clear understanding of purpose, all related data can be aligned. Alignment of data is critical to operations. Lack of this alignment creates confusion – an enemy of your business.

The purpose of Marketing is to drive in business to increase sales. If any of your online or offline marketing is not accomplishing that purpose, then you are wasting your time and more importantly, your money.

There are many parts to marketing including knowing who you are and what you stand for. Who are your customers – your market? What do they need and want? What product or service will satisfy that need or want? What is your message to them? How do you tell them that you have what they need and want in a convincing enough manner that they will want it? How do you get your message to them? How do you get your product or service to them? How do you get them to buy again? These are all vital and the point of this article is to not lose sight of why you are putting all this hard work into your marketing efforts – you want to drive in business and increase sales – otherwise you won’t have a business at all and all your great ideas will wash down into oblivion.

So this means you have to track all your marketing actions and determine if they are or are not, as a direct result of them, driving in business and increasing sales.

You can call making money a low or debased purpose – but if you fall short on this, you are going to fail and that means no jobs for others as well.

It has been said the purpose of business is to make money. 70% of small businesses fail and they fail, not on poor product, service or pricing, but on the insufficiency of profits. They don’t make enough money. This is why marketing is important.  

Hope this helps. 

– Ron Norton     

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