Ron Norton specifically consults for small businesses. The term small business is variously defined, depending on the industry (see:

If you think you’re a small business, you probably are.

Small businesses have both different and similar problems to medium size and large businesses. The things they all have in common are:

  1. The need to generate cost effective leads and acquire new and repeat customers
  2. An effective method of selling the customer
  3. Customer product and service satisfaction
  4. A method of transformation of customer to advocate, for word of mouth referrals

The above 4 steps create a cycle that causes increase of customer base. Increase of customer base is growth.

There’s nothing new about the above 4 steps but there’s plenty to know about what’s preventing them from occurring in your business and that’s where we can help.  

Consultations at Ron Norton are done on the ground to determine the proficiency and effectiveness of your:

  1. Staff and executives (even if that’s just you).
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales Process
  4. Financial processes
  5. Product quality
  6. Customer satisfaction
  7. Referral system

Servicing the continental United States.

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